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Hot from the kiln

The most exciting moment in a potters life is when you open the kiln and see how the pots have survived the ordeal of very high temperatures.  

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Stoneware Vase with Lucie Rie styled wide rim. The flowers sit nicely on top. Runny turquoise on inside, ilmenite under rim, and barium blue on body
Porcelain MG2020 blue (ish) glaze worked into the Antique French Lace pattern, with Celadon over the top
Porcelain This low bowl almost collapsed onto the kiln shelf. Experiments with ruby red and Orange overglaze
Porcelain Tranlucent tea light with new autumn colours in rim (orange, red, whatever)
Porcelain Tiny 7cm vase with Agapanthus (strangely out in November)
Porcelain Celadon small bowl with Ilmenite stripe. Nice crackle in Celadon
Porcelain Antique French lace imprinted into plate, with MG2019 blue glaze. Blue breaks well on pattern
Porcelain Baby Kit walking across platter, with Copper red glaze (looks more like turquoise to me). Click on thumb to see bottom
Porcelain Baby Kit side by side footprints on a plate
stoneware Solitary bee hotel - there are 250 species of solitary bees in England. They make homes in the bamboo
Porcelain Deep blue (MG19) with small gold fish in bottom
Porcelain Pendants, deep blue with red splash, some with gold flecks
Porcelain Large platter with impressed Antique French lace, celadon glaze running into pattern. I love the way the pattern chrashes through the border line
Porcelain Sugar pot, pale blue with running blue drips
stoneware Large swoopy jug in snowflake blue, and faux drip down front
Stoneware Lagoon dish, turquoise, glass, blue
porcelain Teapot in Celadon with crackell and ilmenite spots
stoneware Swoopy gravy jug in Snowflake blue
Stoneware Casserole with Jaguar Mark II as handle on lid. Snowflake blue
porcelain Very small dish with Ilmenite stripe on celadon in one of Emma Donaldson's paper lined boxes
porcelain Twins of my nephew Ed... Leoni and Ronia "walking" across the cheese dish