Hot from the kiln

The most exciting moment in a potters life is when you open the kiln and see how the pots have survived the ordeal of very high temperatures.  

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porcelain Twins of my nephew Ed... Leoni and Ronia "walking" across the cheese dish
stoneware Flower pot. The bottom section acts as a resevoir of water which the top section gets to via a wick
stoneware Soap dish with bar to stop soap slipping back into sink
stoneware Mugs that fit in bathroom toothbrush holder, for midnight water drinking
stoneware tall lily vase. Made in two sections. orange and red sploge
porcelain Set of mugs with rif on the Banksy girl
stoneware Pottery experience for couples. They each make a bowl, which I fuse together
stoneware To celebrate a couple's ceramic wedding anniversairy I got them to press their entwined hands into a plate
stoneware Double shot espresso mugs - 100ml
stoneware Coupe plate - Apple and blackberry sponge with yogurt and loganberry coulis
stoneware Coupe plates are what all self respecting restaurants want these days. The idea is to provide a canvass to show off the artistic presentation of the food. The blue striped line across the plates provides a slight elevation on the glaze, and a contrast to the roundness
stoneware Wet electric shaver dryer
stoneware The new Philips 9000 electric shaver can be used as a wet shaver. But it lets the water run through it (isolating the electrics), and needs to stand on its end to dry out
stoneware The hole in the foot ring is so that when the mug is in the dishwasher, the water can drain away. It is positioned so that if the mugs are on the top shelf on the RHS, the handle tucks away, the face is facing you, and the water drains. 4 glazes, MG2018 blue on inside, Barium blue on outside, Ilmenite fringe, and black for marks on bottom. Big tea mugs... 2 digestive biscuit size after some serious winter gardening
stoneware Barium blue with Ilmenite running from top
stoneware Chawan Japanese tea bowl, barium blue and ilmenite, gloss blue on inside
Porcelain Vase with ilmenite running down side
stoneware Jug Barium blue outside, gloss blue inside, ilmenite running down from lip
Porcelain 45 cm Platter, snow flake blue on outside and top of rim, Turquoise runs down to blue glass
Porcelain Sugar pot with ilmenite on slight incision in celadon
Porcelain Tiny jug with Weiwei anemone
Translucent china Sharapova serving up an ace at love all. 3 limited editions of the Banksy plate set with Sharapova (instead of cricketer)
Flecked stoneware Chawan Japanese tea bowl and signed pine box. Live in the moment opening. Flecked stoneware with Barium blue on outside, Snowflake blue inside, and Ilmenite on rim
Porcelain 6 baby jugs with anemone fronds. Good for small amounts of lemon jiuce and cocktail sticks
stoneware Olive oil dipper. The irregular levels inside the pot are intended to echo the terracing on the olive oil groves
Porcelain Viz vase or vaze (as my father used to say, not sure why) Ilmenite on Barium blue
Porcelain Sugar pot with "Copper red" porcelain glaze, comes out pale blue. Tiefblau (dark blue) Botz spots run nicely
porcelain Murphy dog paw print. This "Copper red" glaze comes out a runny pale blue. Tieblau (dark blue) spots
Porcelain "Copper red" porcelain glaze, comes out lovely cloudy blue. Breaks well on footprints
porcelain 3 baby footprint on platter (baby "walking across dish") with lid to match in celadon green
Stoneware Garden watering jug. Double handle to make it easier to carry. The front handle works well if you you want to scoop water from the river

"Making pottery should not be like climbing a mountain, it should be more like walking down a hill in a pleasant breeze." Hamada Shoji 

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