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I use two clay bodies, both from Potclays

Buff Stoneware which is a good throwing clay, which I fire to 1240. Stoneware is good for large pots/casseroles where translucency is not going to be a factor

For Glazes, I like to use a snowflake blue that I have developed. It is a mixture of bright blue and Tenmoku, and comes out a deep blue with white flecks, depending in the thickness. On the inside I often use a shiney black which is made up from the left over glazes from the spray booth, plus a shot of black stain.



This is tenmoku with Ilmenite stripes 



A "modern" eggshell barium blue with ilmenite stripes. The Ilmenite interacts with the barium in extraordinary ways.

Ilmenite is a natural oxide that consists of iron and titanium. It is a wonder that the same titanium that makes my squash racket so strong also produces these wonderful colours.

I also use a variety of stoneware browns, greys and whites.










 Ilmenite lines poured on top of the glaze makes an interesting interaction with the glaze underneath (bit like the "Keenan" pots or Hamada Shoji ). 

This is ilmenite drips on Botz black and porcelain body.

Harry Fraser Porcelain. "1149 H.F.Porcelain - Strong, white and translucent, this well known throwing porcelain developed by Harry Fraser combines the finest quality and value. Throws well. Consistent and reliable. A truly excellent white-burning translucent porcelain."...sums it up really

The porcelain is fired at 1280 and it comes out white and translucent as long as you use a light glaze. My best translucency comes from using PC transparent with .07% of Cobalt which produces a faint eggshell blue, or Celadon (pale green)

The colourful decorations  are cut out of solid sheets of coloured transfers and then fired at 700C. This is the only way the really bright red's stay red, which I like, and which remind me of Mondrian's. My best shot at this is 04.41, where the pot is quite translucent in-between the ribs.

Porcelain Celadon small bowl with Ilmenite stripe. Nice crackle in Celadon
porcelain Set of mugs with rif on the Banksy girl