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  You can buy by clicking on the thumbnail to get a large popup of that price category, choose a pot, and email me. I will post the pot to you, postage from £4 to the UK to £70 to Australia. See contacts page for address


£4.99 £4.99
£9.99 £9.99 pots. Small porcelain bowls, soap dishes, You get sticks and a small bottle of starter oil with the diffusers
£12 £12 Rif on the Banksy Girl and a Balloon image. £12 each or £54 for a set of 6
£14.99 £14.99 Large green porcelain bowls, Large mugs, Small vases, Butter dish, small jugs
£24 £24 Transulcent porcelain tealights, Vases and jugs, Bee hotels, Camembert dish, interlocking cat bowls
£34 £34 Antique French Lace dishes, Windsufing platter (Fan ban feng shui)
£45 £45 Tea bowl in a box, Large AFL, and Lagoon pots



What could be more appropriate for a wedding present than a bowl, pregnant with associations of feeding the family, and the couple united on the bowl for eternity. Where the initials overlap, the red glaze comes out brighter, a metaphor for the marriage


Wedding bowls with initials and the date of the wedding - £45


Wedding bowl with incised lettering


Stoneware Back of wedding bowl with wedding date and names
Porcelain from China

7 plates with 6 rifs on a Banksy theme

Volleyball players batting love back and forth. Choose 6 plates from 7 designs for £54

Idea from Keith Holding in Spain

Porcelain from China Sharapova serving at love all (at Wimbledon many years back, when you were allowed to take a 400mm telephoto lens in )

The plates are high fired porcelain from China. Good translucency

Porcelain from China Dinasaur considering love to eat
Porcelain from China Darts player finding love on the board

There is an extra clear overglaze that gives the decoration extra durability. Should last 700 cycles in dishwasher says my glaze suplier

Idea from Ian Florance in Henley

Porcelain from China Cricketer bowled out by love

Idea from Ian Florance in Henley

Porcelain from China Pregnant woman searching for love

Idea from Ed Thomas in London

Porcelain from China First design in the "Banksy" styled plates

Suggested by Kerrie Harrison in Oz

Porcelain from China Underside of plates. My signature cartoon, 14.53 (53rd pot project in 2014), and 8/100 (8th set of plates out of a limited edition of 100 plates). Mandy Lester's idea to do the numbering in reverse
Studio time

For potters who just need equipment and a studio to work in.

£5 an hour. Available 24/7, arrive when it suits you, leave when you've finished. You can access the studio with your own key, and keep pots in the studio in your allocated storage space.

I buy clay by the ton and have it delivered on pallets. This keeps the cost per kilo down and I am able to sell a 12.5kg bag of stoneware clay for £6. In these Covid times I encourage potters to work from their home studio's and only bring in pots when they are due to be fired. For porcelain I use Harry Fraser throwing porcelain. It is a very translucent and white body, that porcelain glazes break on the edges well. Also, because the finish is so white it can be fired directly from greenware to 1280C, thus skipping the bisque firing. I sell the porcelain at £18 a 12.5kg bag.

£6 per kilo for finished work which includes clay (stoneware or porcelain), slip, biscuit firing, glazing (40 glazes to choose from), and glaze firing. You can split this up; £2 clay, £2 bisque glaze, £2 glaze and glaze firing

Kiln hire - £25 per firing. The kiln has an internal measurement of 65cm (tall) by 60cm wide (circular profile). With large pots you need to consider how you will get the pot in (the kiln is a top loader). The kiln fires on economy 7 cheap electricity, so the firings start at 11pm and finish at 8:30 am (summer time). It takes 2 days to cool gently, so if your pots go in on a Monday, they will be ready for collection on Thursday.

Classes in throwing and glazing also available at £20 an hour. If you are a beginner I recommend 4 classes for £80 over a 4 week period covering the 4 stages of making a pot (throwing, turning, smoothing, and glazing) and then practise, practise, practise. Learning how to make pots is mostly about doing it. You can do that at home or in the studio at £5 an hour

If you would like to just experience throwing a pot, then I do a one hour "Introduction to Throwing" class for couples or individuals, or as presents for people. Each person makes one bowl on the wheel, and then I join the 2 bowls together, as a metaphor for the relationship, and fire the result. The cost is £20 for the lesson and £6 per kilo for the finished pot (which usually weighs about half a kilo).

   Click on pot to get enlarged image of pot
Porcelain Jessica (15 days old) and Miller (45 days old). I do a run of about 5 small bowls in soft porcelain, and then run along them impressing in the footprint. The bowls are easy to make, and the footprint comes out exactly as it went in, wrinkles and all. (£10 per bowl)
					     Porcelain Round the rim on the outside it says "Jessica (Chanel) 15 days old born 12 May 2013"

"Chanel" because she is Nick's daughter No. 5

Milk Jug Milk frothing jug. £9.99

Half fill the jug with semi skimmed milk (red-top), 1 minute in the microwave, froth up warm milk with spinner... and voila.

The shape of the jug is designed so that you can rest the cafeteria on it to get the last drops of coffee! 

  Here are some examples of pots that were made to order
Stoneware    Blue glass melted into pond to represent the water 
Stoneware    Casserole with the "Old Pond house" on lid for Stuart Cain 
Porcelain Insectarium for feeding Custard the lizard in a vivarium.  The insects hide amongst the holes, and the lizard comes along and eats them. The outer walls were glazed with a slippery green celadon, so that the insects could not escape. Custard the lizard !
Stoneware Christening bowl for Farnborough church. The red cord is used to get the bowl out of the font (which it fits nicely)

Postage and payment
Add on £11.78 for P&P for £14 and up sized pots, £6 P&P for anything smaller (UK parcel post). 5 kilos of pots can be shipped to Australia for £70
(I use loads of bubble wrap, and a cardboard box.£If it gets broken in transit, I will replace it with a similar pot)

You can pay by Paypal ( into my Major@weybridgepottery.co.uk account), or online transfer

Tel:01932 845 168