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1984 to the present... Weybridge Pottery studio at Heron's Way. The last two years can be found in -Hot from the kiln-

For many years now Weybridge Pottery has been producing pots in my studio in Weybridge by the river. These are my pots, but there are now 4 potters all using the studio, and selling at the craft fairs.  

Click on thumbnail to see bigger or alternate view.

Porcelain Deep blue (MG19) with small gold fish in bottom
Porcelain Pendants, deep blue with red splash, some with gold flecks
Porcelain Large platter with impressed Antique French lace, celadon glaze running into pattern. I love the way the pattern chrashes through the border line
Porcelain Sugar pot, pale blue with running blue drips
stoneware Large swoopy jug in snowflake blue, and faux drip down front
Stoneware Lagoon dish, turquoise, glass, blue
porcelain Teapot in Celadon with crackell and ilmenite spots
stoneware Swoopy gravy jug in Snowflake blue
Stoneware Casserole with Jaguar Mark II as handle on lid. Snowflake blue
porcelain Very small dish with Ilmenite stripe on celadon in one of Emma Donaldson's paper lined boxes
porcelain Twins of my nephew Ed... Leoni and Ronia "walking" across the cheese dish
stoneware Flower pot. The bottom section acts as a resevoir of water which the top section gets to via a wick
stoneware Soap dish with bar to stop soap slipping back into sink
stoneware Mugs that fit in bathroom toothbrush holder, for midnight water drinking
stoneware tall lily vase. Made in two sections. orange and red sploge
porcelain Set of mugs with rif on the Banksy girl
stoneware Pottery experience for couples. They each make a bowl, which I fuse together
stoneware To celebrate a couple's ceramic wedding anniversairy I got them to press their entwined hands into a plate
stoneware Double shot espresso mugs - 100ml
stoneware Coupe plate - Apple and blackberry sponge with yogurt and loganberry coulis
stoneware Coupe plates are what all self respecting restaurants want these days. The idea is to provide a canvass to show off the artistic presentation of the food. The blue striped line across the plates provides a slight elevation on the glaze, and a contrast to the roundness
stoneware Wet electric shaver dryer
stoneware The new Philips 9000 electric shaver can be used as a wet shaver. But it lets the water run through it (isolating the electrics), and needs to stand on its end to dry out
stoneware The hole in the foot ring is so that when the mug is in the dishwasher, the water can drain away. It is positioned so that if the mugs are on the top shelf on the RHS, the handle tucks away, the face is facing you, and the water drains. 4 glazes, MG2018 blue on inside, Barium blue on outside, Ilmenite fringe, and black for marks on bottom. Big tea mugs... 2 digestive biscuit size after some serious winter gardening
stoneware Barium blue with Ilmenite running from top
stoneware Chawan Japanese tea bowl, barium blue and ilmenite, gloss blue on inside
Porcelain Vase with ilmenite running down side
stoneware Jug Barium blue outside, gloss blue inside, ilmenite running down from lip
Porcelain 45 cm Platter, snow flake blue on outside and top of rim, Turquoise runs down to blue glass
Porcelain Sugar pot with ilmenite on slight incision in celadon
Porcelain Tiny jug with Weiwei anemone
Translucent china Sharapova serving up an ace at love all. 3 limited editions of the Banksy plate set with Sharapova (instead of cricketer)
Flecked stoneware Chawan Japanese tea bowl and signed pine box. Live in the moment opening. Flecked stoneware with Barium blue on outside, Snowflake blue inside, and Ilmenite on rim
Porcelain 6 baby jugs with anemone fronds. Good for small amounts of lemon jiuce and cocktail sticks
stoneware Olive oil dipper. The irregular levels inside the pot are intended to echo the terracing on the olive oil groves
Porcelain Viz vase or vaze (as my father used to say, not sure why) Ilmenite on Barium blue
Porcelain Sugar pot with "Copper red" porcelain glaze, comes out pale blue. Tiefblau (dark blue) Botz spots run nicely
porcelain Murphy dog paw print. This "Copper red" glaze comes out a runny pale blue. Tieblau (dark blue) spots
Porcelain "Copper red" porcelain glaze, comes out lovely cloudy blue. Breaks well on footprints
porcelain 3 baby footprint on platter (baby "walking across dish") with lid to match in celadon green
Stoneware Garden watering jug. Double handle to make it easier to carry. The front handle works well if you you want to scoop water from the river
Stoneware 500ml Tea set with cups between 75 and 150. Barium blue under Ilmenite (running nicely down cups)
Stomeware Teapot lid, that fits over the wide tea cups. Steam release hole carefully positioned as mouth
Stomeware African candlesticks made of a very hard wood... but, of course things sometimes get messy, and when the candle burnt down to the wood it caught light and we narrowly missed burning down the house. The new stoneware tops (with matching black glaze) are much safer as are the wider bases
Stomeware Catherine wheel platter

New red and orange glazes

Stoneware  Giant chimnea made in 2 sections out of raku clay


Stoneware  Scent  bottle. Ilmentite  (titanium oxide) comes out great on Barium blue (click on thumb to get a better view of top)
Porcelain Lara (8 weeks old) footprints
Porcelain Blue plaque (imitation). Wax resist under blue glaze on porcelain
Porcelain WeiWei inspired chopstick holders
Porcelain Jessica as a baby in 1982, and her new baby Gael (and Anna and William tiles) . My first and latest baby footprints
Porecelain 7 year old Ethan's footprint.

Boiled egg and soldiers plate and egg cup

Stoneware Butter dish, just big enough for a pack of butter

 Melted blue glass in centre

Stoneware Blue lagoon platter. New turquoise glaze runs into the centre in a wonderful pattern. Melted blue glass in centre. Great fringe on glass
Stoneware 帆板風水 (Fan Ban Feng Shui) platter. At 50cm in diameter it is the largest platter I have ever made. Thrown in one piece on new specially larger bats that sit above the wheel to clear the sides.

Sail board wind water Chinese characters round the outside of the windsurfer (balancing in the centre of these 4 primary elements). The board is a roast meat gravy collector

Stoneware Large plant holder. The new larger kiln allows much bigger pots. This planter is 39cm x 39cm and is the largest pot I have ever thrown. 2 30lb lumps were thrown separately and joined when they had dried to leather hard. 
Stoneware Flower pot for basil on kitchen shelf. Barium blue interacts with ilmenite producing the most fantastic colours. It also has a shiny surface which contrasts with the barium blue egg shell finish. Standard mixed blue black on inside
Stoneware Small bowl in pale blue with Ilmenite. Interesting interactions between ilmenite and blue glaze
Porcelain Salt jar. For storing rock salt by the cooker, for use in cooking
Porcelain Both feet printed in porcelain shallow bowl. These are Toby's who was 55 days old
Stoneware Tagine with heating stand
stoneware Tagine opend. The stand can use either a tealight or a single piece of lit charcoal (on a bed of sand)
Porcelain Celadon side plate with ilmenite stripes. Very practical for afternoon tea & choccy fest, use it all the time
Porcelain Sugar jar to go with tea set. The lid fits nicely. The winged handles allow it to be picked up with one hand. Ilmentite spots
Porcelain Mugs to go with tea pot... everyone has their own size
Porcelain Finally a teapot that works. In the end the biggest challenge was the lid and its gallery. A non dripping spout was simply a matter of an overhang on the tip. Ilmentite spots.
Stoneware Harry's plane tagine stand with a tea light in it. The tagine can also be heated with a single piece of charcoal, resting on a bed of sand/soil  
Stoneware Final version of Harry's plane. The design has been simplified removing the holes in the base (unnecessary) and the extra handles on the lid (the lighter lid can be lifted by the plane)
Stoneware Harry's Kitfox-H plane on a tagine... (version 1, a few serious problems with cracking). Polo fields of Soto in background
Porcelain from China Fan ban feng shui (sail board wind water). The windsurfer balancing the four elements windsurfing in the middle. (pronounced fung shoe way)


Porcelain from China Volleyball players plate bottom. Porcelain paints, blue comes out correct, but red comes out brown.
Porcelain from China Volleyball players batting love back and forth

Idea from Keith Holding in Spain

Porcelain from China Dinasaur considering love to eat
Porcelain from China Darts player finding love on the board

Idea from Ian Florance in Henley

Porcelain from China Cricketer bowled out by love

Idea from Ian Florance in Henley

Porcelain from China Pregnant woman searching for love

Idea from Ed Thomas in London

Porcelain from China First design in the "Banksy" styled plates

Suggested by Kerrie Harrison in Oz

Stoneware Final design in the windproof ashtray series

Melted glass in centre, black glaze inside, barium blue outside with ilmenite spots

Stoneware Mini biscuit barrel... (Mini on the lid)

It is the right size for a large packet of dark chocolate digestives

Porcelain Jessica (15 days old) and Miller (45 days old). I do a run of about 5 small bowls in soft porcelain, and then run along them impressing in the footprint. The bowls are easy to make, and the footprint comes out exactly as it went in, wrinkles and all.
					     Porcelain Round the rim on the outside it says "Jessica (Chanel) 15 days old born 12 May 2013"

"Chanel" because she is Nick's daughter No. 5

Stoneware Plant pot holder. Narrow foot gives extra well inside for water, and more interesting profile.

Stoneware with snowflake blue on outside, and very dark blue, almost black on inside.

Stoneware Sharon's potato pot.  Comes in 2 sizes, small for the 2 of us, and bigger for when we have guests.

Porcelain with Celadon glaze and ilmenite spots.

Stoneware Sharon's potato pot dismantles to 3 pieces.

The vegetables drain into an under bowl.  The lid has a small section missing for the serving spoon.

Stoneware Pie dish with double thickness leaf.

Because the red was coming out dark brown, I have started doubling up the leaf, so that the extra thickness comes out a much better and brighter red.

Stoneware 12 inch Pie dish with leaf. The red leaf comes out autumnal rusty brown.

Stoneware with snowflake blue on outside, and very dark blue, almost black on inside.

Stoneware Stacking Pie dishes.

William's recent passion for making pies has prompted this run

Stoneware Small bowl. I think I am done here... Snowflake blue on outside. dark blue, almost black on inside with ilmenite stripe. This represents the culmination of 8 years of glaze development to get a satisfactory deep blue. Enough, enough already.
Stoneware 2 sets of mugs... 4 Large 1ltr for William's and 6 medium for Anna. All in snowflake blue outside, and black inside.  The dish washer drainage hole on the bottom, is now lined up so that it works if the face is upright and the mug is stashed on the RHS of the dishwasher
Stoneware Raw Tuna dish. The 3 integrated bowls are for Wasabi, lemon juice and Soya. New blue with ilmenite lines.

Sharon's birthday present

Stoneware Ashtray (with stubbing cone inside). The overhanging lip stops the ash blowing about in the wind. Barium Blue and ilmenite, tenmoku inside
Stoneware Spherical fired in raku kiln with "crack off" glaze. Where the glaze was inscribed smoke makes the fired clay go black.
Stoneware Large spherical pot made in two sections. 

The contrast between the mat blue and the gloss multi coloured ilmentite lines is great

Stoneware Small vase. This eggshell barium blue is quite "modern"
Stoneware Large mug. New blue comes out deep dark blue where thin, and snowflake flecked where thicker on the ribs
Stoneware Large swoopy bowl. Dark blue, almost black MG10, with blue glass in centre.
Stoneware This blue is very dark where thin (such as where it breaks on the rim), and a cloudy pale blue where thick. The ilmenite stripes come out zig zag with an interesting fringe. 

My theory about dog bowls is that they are probably the only crockery on permanent display in the kitchen, and so should not be any old plastic dish. 

Stoneware Large swoopy blue jug, with thin ish handle. These new handles have a Henri Moore sculptural feeling to them. The cloudy pale blue has run down the side, and looks like a wind blown sea.

The ilmenite spot is a faux gravy drip, directly below the lip. The lip has enough of an overhang to stop dripping, but it still amuses me to imagine a drip elongating as it falls on the side of the pot.

Stoneware Another large swoopy blue jug, with ribs this time. The new blue breaks well on ribs.

The inside is glazed white. This is merely for practical reasons, as white is easier to clean, and look into. 

Stoneware Swoopy jug in Blue. This blue is a mixture of porcelain blues and Botz blues. The Ilmenite spot (a kind of faux gravy drip) comes out like a Herschel picture of star formation.
Stoneware The idea is for the handle to look like it grew out of the neck, and from the lip to the handle is one continuous swoopy curve. 

Photo by Danni 

Stoneware On the island, with the bluebells and daffodils. New real leaves scanned in and printed by Trynner Transfers, on new "Snowflake" blue.

Overlap of K&R letters comes out brighter red... a metaphor for marriage 

Porecelain This is my version of the Arrow pot (celadon glazed porcelain). The Celadon flows into the lines on the belly of the pot.

The Sir Percival David Collection (room 95 in the British Museum) has the original. The Ancient Chinese warriors would play a drinking game with this pot. You threw small arrows into it, but if you missed you had to take another drink. 

Porcelain Reclining cow as handle on casserole. Celadon, Ilmenite on porcelain. Steam hole is located under the cow's tail.

Wedding gift for Rob's friend Ermitrude. 

Porcelain Poppy decoration on unmarked white porcelain porcelain plate. The thin blue stems and the gaps between the poppy petals are now a regular feature on my poppy plates.  
2009 New real leaves (scanned in) overlap to form interesting pattern 
2009 Fuschia from British Fuschia Society show in Weybridge. 
2009 New real leaves scanned in and printed by Trynner Transfers.

Overlap of J&E letters comes out brighter red... a metaphor for marriage 

2009 Donnie Darko dish with printed commemorative message. 
2009 Nicky and Dan's wedding dance party dish. Trynner red comes out autumnal Japanese Maple leaves (reference to Nicky's Japanese grandmother). 
2009 Poppy decoration on large white bowl. Much trouble with kiln elements, and cracking on large pieces. This bowl badly damaged, now used in pottery as basin. 
Stoneware Coffee set in blue Stoneware (150ml espresso mugs)
2008 Dec Donnie Darko dish. The lines take you out of the bowl to a parallel universe. The melted blue glass is the worm hole. 
2008 Nov Testing the tagine on the hob. 
2008 Oct MG08 on large dish with Ilmentite. Ilmentite comes out with swooshy swirls on thick splashy lines.  Not quite expected, but not entirely without interest.
2008 Aug Bonsai pot in Bluish MG08 with Ilmenite lines. The pot has 4 legs, a 2cm hole in centre of the bottom, and 3 ribs on the inside of the bottom to hold moisture.

The wooden base is made of re-cycled merbau hardwood flooring (from the dance floor at Farnham Maltings). The tree is an old lemon geranium (not really a bonsai tree, but somewhat easier to maintain).

2008 Aug The copper stain on rim comes out deep blue, with flecks of copper. Quite interesting.
2008 Aug New experiment with throwing two balls of coloured clays pushed together ... blue stained HF and plain white HF, in roughly equal quantities. 

The blue and white clays are pulled by the throwing process in a spiral up the walls of the pot. Comes out dramatic... but only the odd place is it white clay through and through, so translucency can only be seen occasionally. 

2008 July Start of Porcelain run. 

Anna's advice about teapots (make em, and place them at expensive end of line) proves correct. This one goes goes 2 hours after coming out of kiln.  Must listen to  daughter.

2008 July This pot filled the kiln. Now at front of house with bright red geraniums. MG08 with Ilmenite stripes 
2008 June Clive's stoneware head sculpture fired in red brown. 

New MG08 comes out blue speckled; great. John Perin grabs jug hot out of kiln.

Botz blue good on porcelain, dull on stoneware. 

2008 May Gillie and Gary's wedding bowl using Warren Trymmer's new red.
2008 May Low fire glaze using a new red from Warren Trymmer of Stoke. Richer and deeper, it has a bit of a dark rose feeling to it
2008 May Last of MG07 on tall fruit bowl. 

Coffee bean storage jar, vase, chillum and casserole in red/brown. 

2008 May Stoneware 1lt and .5ltr giant Tea mugs for gardeners. Extra knob on handle for your thumb stops it slipping.Blue ribs go to green when tilted up. 
2008 May Stoneware Hamada bowl, MG07 and Ilmenite lines. The Ilmenite lines are meant to be "from outside" the pot... like the black lines in a  Mondrian. 

Parallel universe a la Donnie Darko

2008 April Stoneware 12" Tagine in red/ brown for Clive and Mads. 
2008 January Stoneware interlocking cat bowl set (08.2)
2007 December High Fired Stoneware bowl, Black (MG07) with ilmenite lines (gone to Virginia's)
2007 December Porcelain 1260C - Rice Bowl and sushi plate Celadon and ilmenite (147 & 151)
2007 November 2007 November - Stoneware Blue & Porcelain @1260

 Large Blue ashtray with spiral melted glass

2007 November 2007 November - Stoneware Blue @1240

 Large 3.5 litre casserole (07.108)

2007 September 2007 September - Stoneware @1240. 

MG07 & Ilmenite dish & Christening bowl for Farnborough church

2007 September September - Stoneware. Jug and test bowl for Christening font
2007 September September - Stoneware blue.

Blue glass on ashtray comes out well if thin. Ilmenite comes out interesting brown with flecks. Needs to be thin.

2007 August 15th Aug 15th - Stoneware @1240.

Ilmenite on MG07 bowls works well... they look like dancers. 

Amphorae hole after biscuit fixed with glaze and biscuit dust paste

2007 August 1st August 1st - Stoneware. New blue & ilmenite Chinese elements characters for Ingrid
2007 June 26th June 26th - Porcelain @1260.

Excellent translucency. Ilmenite on celadon works well, as does Ilmenite on gloss black. Nice soap dishes for Kate

2007 June 11 June 11th - Stoneware @1240.

Generous handle in casserole works well . Oil bottles for Tracey come out well

2007 May 15th May 15th - Stoneware @1240.

New MG07 comes out great with Ilmentite. 3 cat bowl  sets with new cut away fitted sides.

2007 May 3nd May 3nd - Stoneware @1240.

Blue breaks nicely into dark green on ribs where sprayed from above 

2007 April 26th April 26th - Stoneware @1240C.

New mixed glazes (MG2007) comes out nice shiny black.  

2007 April 2nd April 2nd - porcelain @1260, Translucent tea lights, new Light shade, bottle with no bottom. Porcelain bowl, dish and sugar bowl with tenmoku and ilmenite  
2007 January 18th January 18th - Stoneware @1240C, dark blue (MG2006) kitchen ware and Brown/red crumble bowl and jug 
2007 January 11th January 11th - Stoneware @1240C,  Ilmenite @ Tenmoku Bowls 
Stoneware Stoneware with Tenmoku and ilmenite
Stoneware Amphora in stoneware
Stoneware Stoneware with MG07 and ilmenite
Stoneware MG07 with ilmenite on large dish
Porcelain The new Botz gloss black with Ilmenite on Porcelain. Stunning blues and metalic flecks in ilmentite
stoneware The new slate black with Ilmenite on stoneware
2006 stoneware The new Tenmoku with Ilmenite on stoneware
2006 December 1st December 1st - Porcelain @ 1260C , mostly translucent tea light holders. First of the new truffle oil bottles.
2006 Low glaze Low glaze firing @700C (decoration on porcelain and stoneware based pots).

Various presents... Dan & Lisca's wedding bowl, Bridge nibbles bowl for Charles, "Sold many times" red spot joke bowl for Chris

2006 November 2nd November 2nd - Stoneware @1240C, dark blue (MG2006) kitchen ware and Ilmenite @ Tenmoku Bowl and teapot 
2006 May 3rd May 3rd - Stoneware @1240C, dark blue VW van casserole & test speckled clay garden pot holder 
2006 March 30th March 30th - Stoneware @1240C, dark blue baby casserole & test speckled garden pot. Nice plant pot holder in background with new dark blue (MG2006) 
Jag Mark II Jag (casserole lid)
2005 December 12th December 12th - Colour Glaze @700C, Poppy and bridge motif on pale blue porcelain. 
2004 September 14th September 14th - Stoneware @1240C, Fiord blue... marvelously unreliable, producing a range from light to dark blue (the tile is testing whether this is due to thickness... not)
Vase This porcelain vase with poppy decoration was made for Anna, who wanted a tall vase. It is fairly thick at the bottom, to make it less wobbly.
Porcelain This pot (04.41) ends a 20 year project to get translucency and colour in one pot
Porcelain 1999 To celebrate the 30th anniversary since the Crediton coterie met. Each couple got a kitchen utensils holder (with their initials on the other side, done in a font with a pun. Mick and Marianne got MM in Times Roman as a pun on the year 2000).  
Porcelain 1993 A pen holder for 6 year old Anna  
Porcelain The 7 bowl stack  
Porcelain Bowl made in 91, but last to be decorated in 92 with wild roses. The rose stem starts at the bottom, and continues as one long green line, all over the pot, ending on the bottom opposite the start.  
Porcelain 1992 Buddlea - flying all over the pot 
Porcelain 1992 Poppies - Inspired by a painting of poppies we have at home  
Porcelain 1992 Iris - The first to creep over the lip of the bowl  
Porcelain 1992 Daffs 
Porcelain 1991 Forget-me-not  
Porcelain 1991 Smallest of Bowl set. Each bowl has an English wild flower. The smallest bowl has the smallest flower... The Pansy 
Porcelain 1990 To celebrate the 20th anniversary since the Crediton coterie met. Each couple got a coffee bean storage jar.  
  1983 - 1989
1988 Porcelain 1988 Porcelain vase. Two clays were pressed together before throwing, one white and one with blue stain. The result is a swirl, that starts thick at the bottom, and gets thinner the further up the pot as a result of the movement in throwing.  
1987 Porcelain vase 1988 Porcelain & Tenmoku with Iain's dahlia's (on the river bank). 

It has a very small opening at the top to hold freesia's (Sharon's favorite flowers). 

1987 Porcelain vase 1987 Porcelain with Tenmoku. This pot actually looks black as ink in normal light  
1983 Earthenware vase 1984 Earthenware Vase with bright green glaze The earthenware body is not quite waterproof, so although the glaze was magnificent, this was a dead end. The glaze dripped down the side nicely 

"Making pottery should not be like climbing a mountain, it should be more like walking down a hill in a pleasant breeze." Hamada Shoji 

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