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1981 - 1983 - The Davisville Road Studio

My first pottery studio of my own was in our home in Davisville Road in West London. Frustrated by the lack of colourful glazes at the Addison Adult institute, I decided that the only solution was to go it alone at home.

Click on the thumbnail to open an enlarged picture of each pot

1983 Earthenware with bright oraange glaze Earthenware Candle holder with bright orange glaze 
Earthenware Jessica Potter's (ne Keal) footprint made in November 1982. She was born on 25th October, so probably about one month old. The glaze was an experimental marijuana stalk ash mixed in with plain white glaze
1982 Stoneware Stoneware handbuilt vase. Sally was doing vases like this, so I thought I'd have a go and copy the design. The edges were too thin, and it wasn't long before it chipped badly. It has a hole to let water through, and a separate dish underneath
1982 Stoneware Plant pot holder Stoneware Plant pot holder. It has a hole to let water through, and a separate dish underneath. Ok design, but the dish was too shallow. 

Duck pattern round the rim... mmm, the first, and the last.

1982 Stoneware cutlery dryer Stoneware cutlery dryer. Three pots fused together, with holes in the bottom, to be used as a cutlery dryer in the kitchen.  
1982 Mug Mug in white stoneware. This is an early example of experiments with new clays. This white stoneware bubbled slightly. 
1981 Stoneware coffee pot Stoneware coffee pot. There is a metal strainer glued in, that catches the coffee grounds on the way out. Lid has extra lip to stop it fall when the pot is tilted. 
1981 Stoneware jug Stoneware coffee jug.  A bit over fired