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1974 - 1980       Addison Adult Education Institute

I spent many happy years at the Adult education institute in Addison Road, West London. The pottery allowed me to make practical stoneware pots for myself and my friends. Every year the classes would start with 15 regulars form the year before, and 5 or so new people. Those 5 would usually last about 6 weeks, and then we would be down to the same crowd. Most of the regulars would work to their own agenda, asking help only occasionally from the teacher. Many of them made quite a number of hand rolled vases at the table, and spent the Tuesday evening chatting away to each other. All my time was spent on the wheel.

Click on the thumbnail to open an enlarged picture of each pot

1980 Stoneware dish Stoneware dish. Bottom says Nov 1980, 8lb. Artic white and a translation of the characters. The first of many Hamada inspired pots.
1980 Stoneware dish Stoneware dish. Fou Gum Moc Soy !. Four of the five basic Chinese elements (fire, gold/metal, Wood & water)
1980 Earthenware bowl Big Earthenware bowl. This was the first of many big bowls. Still used today in the pottery as a basin for water to wash pots.
1979 Stoneware The first casserole with a house as a handle for the lid (and a visiting ladybird). The chimney broke, and so subsequent chimneys have always been very low profile. The house motif soon became actual copies of people's houses. This pot is still used regularly (about the right size for stewed fruit).
1979 Stoneware coffee set Stoneware coffee set. Unfortunately the kiln was over fired.
Stoneware ashtray Stoneware ashtray with melted glass inside. We all needed big ashtrays in those days
Stoneware Jug Stoneware Jug with leaf
1976 Chillum Stoneware Chillum. Very Effective.
1976 Casseroles 2 Stoneware casseroles for Chicken liver pate and Salmon pate. Experimenting with lids (mmmmm not a great success), and hand painted lettering (mmm bit rough).
1976 Mug Stoneware mug. Pretty rough, but functional.
1975 Stoneware The first of many many casseroles. Marked "C1" as it was my first Casserole. This casserole has lasted un-chipped all these years, even though it is in constant use (mostly for bread sauce). I returned to this design in 2007 as it is sturdy, and the lid is easy to hold.
1975 Stoneware plates The first pots to come out of AAEI were copies of my favorite Spode soup bowls. Not only did they not come out deep enough to be soup bowls, but the bright blue was a wash out. The only positive thing to say about them was that they were so sturdy that they have lasted all these years