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1963 - 1966 Marlborough College

My first pots were made at school. Marlborough College had an inspiring pottery teacher, and a well equipped pottery. Like all students I did one year obligatory pottery, but  carried on because I enjoyed it. Marlborough had many faults, but it should be recommended for their belief in education for for its own sake without exams.... a fairly strange concept in this modern world of constant evaluation and league tables.
   Click on the thumbnail to open an enlarged picture of each pot
Early vase Early vase out of earthenware clay. Very thick at the bottom.
First coil pot Coil pot. Its a miracle that this pot has survived all these years in one peice. It currently is used to store nail clippers in the bathroom.
First thrown pot This tiny pot (3cm tall x 5cm wide) was my first pot thrown on the wheel. It has a rather rough "LESTER" scratched into the bottom.